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Emergency Services for Central Alberta

When your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, our after-hours animal hospital is here to help.

Our Services

Red Deer’s After Hours Emergency Veterinary Hospital

At Animal Emergency Hospital in Red Deer, we’re passionate about giving you and your pet committed, compassionate, and comprehensive care. Medical situations can occur at any time, and when an emergency situation does occur outside of standard daytime hours, we’re here to help. From 24-hour intensive care and emergency surgeries to blood typing, we strive to provide a range of services diverse enough to suit the needs of our Red Deer patients. Our emergency hospital provides medical services for small animals.


COVID-19 New Protocols

Animal Emergency Hospital has implemented the following protocols


  1. Our doors are locked, please call once you arrive
  2. One of the team members will take your information and take your pets history over the phone
  3. Once we are ready we will come out to the parking lot to retrieve your pet and bring him/her into the clinic
  4. If this is an emergency, a team member will be out right away to bring your pet inside.
  5. Clients are allowed in the hospital for critical patients, and/or end of life. In the event you (the client) is allowed in, the following must be followed


  • Our team members will give you a COVID assessment over the phone, if you are free from illness, we will allow the healthy person who finished the questionnaire to accompany their pet during the appointment. You must wear a facemask for your appointment, if you do not have one you will not be allowed to accompany your pet
  • We will prepare a room, and once it is ready we will come out to the parking lot to bring you in
  • Once you arrive in the building, we do require you to use hand sanitizer prior to the appointment
  • The doctor will meet with you and your pet for the exam, they will be wearing facemasks as well


All rooms are thoroughly cleaned after each appointment and our staff are all wearing personal protective equipment.

If you are an owner that is at risk (elderly, immunocompromised), please consider sending someone in your place to your pets appointment. Our team members can call you to discuss the care or treatment options for your pet. 


If you are unwell, and this is a routine appointment, please cancel the appointment and re-schedule for a time when you are well.

Please be patient with us during this time. Many of our protocols have changed and with it, it is a longer check in process. These are extraordinary times and we are wanting to keep a safe work environment for our clients and staff. As such, if our employees have flu-like symptoms, they are required to stay home, which means at times we may be left short staffed. Our goal is to provide exceptional care to your pet while maintaining a safe work environment.

We Have the Expertise, Equipment, and Experience to Provide Exceptional Service

At our emergency animal hospital, we employ dedicated, highly-trained staff who are passionate about providing animal healthcare services. We strive to foster a respectful, healthy and even enjoyable environment. Our medical services include:


Standard medical services
Surgical services
Emergency and extended care services
Anesthesia and patient monitoring services


To learn more about our hospital, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Once again our doors are open, clients are allowed to come into the hospital when they arrive at the clinic. 

We will continue with our increased cleaning measures to ensure our hospital provides a clean environment for you and your pet. 

Masks are not mandatory, if you choose to wear a mask into the clinic, our staff will also wear one when assisting you and your pet.

Animal Emergency Hospital COVID-19 UPDATE

Due to the busy nature of emergency practices we are electing to keep our doors closed at this time to ensure we are able to provide adequate space for you and your pet. Please follow the below procedure

  • Please call the clinic to let us know you have arrived
  • You will have the option to accompany your pet during its exam once we have a room available
  • Masks are optional, if you elect to wear one, our staff will also wear a mask when assisting you and your pet
  • If you are not comfortable coming into the clinic with your pet, we can offer a drop off, where we take your pet and call you with findings, or you can remain in your vehicle with your pet until our team is ready to bring your pet into the hospital

Methods of Payment

We also accept pet insurance and medicards (apply in house).

Medical Services

We offer ultrasonography, radiology (X-rays), endoscopy, blood work, and medical assessment services.

Surgical Services

We offer soft-tissue and orthopaedic surgery services at our animal hospital in Red Deer.

Emergency Care

We offer emergency care including porcupine quill removal, continuous care, and 24-hour emergency care.

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